Nota Bene Global, a private client service dedicated to the management of the world’s most fabulous travels and the acquisition of the world’s finest super-prime real estate…

We advise, curate and manage extraordinary travel experiences for a highly discerning international clientele.

Our exceptional connections, trusted opinion and ability to access the generally inaccessible, set us apart.

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We search endlessly for the special places for those who share our vision of life and luxury.

Luxury should not be afraid of simplicity. It is about freedom of time and space; genuine hospitality and fine service; and an authenticity generally found in exceptional locations.

“Nota Bene … a sophisticated sense of what modern luxury travel should be about.”Forbes

We know it is the details that matter yet are so often overlooked.

“It’s the level of detail that Nota Bene seeks to find for its customers, which particular room, who is the head of housekeeping, the head of food and beverage, names of great people within a great hotel.”Julius Baer, Swiss Private Bank

Founders Elaine and Anthony Lassman are passionate about travel, lifestyle and real estate.

With our team we travel the world in pursuit of the exceptional and unforgettable. If you love to travel in style, seek the exceptional in lifestyle or are interested in purchasing the world’s finest real estate, we would like to talk to you.

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