For those who seek the finest travel and lifestyle experiences money can buy

What is Nota Bene?

Nota Bene Global is a private membership. A dedicated Private Client Director advises, designs and manages every detail of your travels to wherever, and whenever, you want.

“I have always loved Nota Bene – they’re like your best friend dishing insider tips on where to go (and what to ask for) in the world’s most fabulous destinations”

Michael Kors, Designer

Why Membership?

Clients pay annual fees because we provide what others can’t. It comes firstly with opinion. We have a lifetime of knowledge which we share with a privileged few.

Why us?

We started Nota Bene as discerning travellers with the same pursuit for detail as our clients, frustrated that no one had the level of taste and advice we were seeking. So we decided to do it ourselves. Others followed.

It's all in
the details

Whether renting the finest beachfront villa on St Barths; chartering a yacht in the Greek islands; expeditioning in Antarctica; being at the most fashionable St Tropez beach club or our favourite Venice Biennale lunch spot…

‘we know where’.

We know where

We travel regularly, reviewing and discovering.
We put it into context. When? For whom? Why?

We make it our business to know the people on the ground who make the difference. Hotel owners, great chefs; top guides; art, sport, fitness, shopping and wellbeing experts. We love to find those ‘insider’ places, the ones generally not known by the masses.

We know how

Above all we believe in the delivery of a superior service.

If you are seeking a service where the exceptional is distinguished from the merely very good let’s talk.