About Us

While immersed in a real estate career, before I embarked on the journey to create the world’s finest travel service in 2012, I tried numerous travel agents, concierge companies and cardholder services. Few, if any, impressed me with their opinion, impartiality or level of discernment.

Anthony Lassman

What I was looking for were people who firstly listened to me and what I was seeking; and, secondly, had actually been to the places they were recommending and saw things through discerning eyes.

The fine details

I wanted the details. I had spent so much of my life visiting the world’s finest (and not always the finest) places, judging, critiquing and advising friends.

I was searching for the destinations, hotels and restaurants that had a certain magic. A magic created by style and design; ambience and guest profile; quality judged by service, appointments, standards of cuisine.

And when it came to villas I wanted to know the size in square feet; design and finishes; quality of beds and linens; bathroom appointments; length of the pool; access to the sea; level of staffing, etc.

Truly authentic

Everything is made to look good in photos. With the explosion of the digital world, and too much information, opinion is often unreliable. There are many service providers, bloggers, experts and opinion formers all claiming to know the best. How many of them, however, are authentic and well-travelled?

Nota Bene’s expert team of highly experienced Private Client Directors, some of whom speak several languages, share my passion for discovery and discernment. They travel the world regularly, upholding these core values.

We know where

Nothing is allowed to be appropriated. If we recommend somewhere it’s because we have been there – doing the legwork, putting everything into context so our members can reap the rewards. When? For whom? Why?

Are you ready?

It then comes down to planning, curation and management. Getting those details right, for it’s the details that matter yet are so often overlooked.

A number of the world’s leading financiers, captains of industry and illustrious names from film, media and fashion have come to rely on Nota Bene for opinion and the delivery of a superior service. If you think we sound right for you, let’s talk.