Panel Expert for Luxury Travel

Anthony Lassman, founder of Nota Bene Global,  is delighted to have been selected by American Airlines’ Celebrated Living publication as a 2019 Platinum Panel Expert for Luxury Travel. Read more here:

Anthony Lassman on Curating Holidays for the Super-Rich

Quietly confident in what they do, Nota Bene Global is changing the way that the wealthy travel. From arranging an encounter with the Pope to chartering a private jet in a matter of minutes, vacation virtuoso Anthony Lassman discusses what makes a holiday truly exceptional.

Homes away from home

Catherine Moye quotes Anthony Lassman and Nota Bene Global with reference to today’s HNW’s seeking several vacation homes and how Nota Bene clients are invariably passionate about art, architecture as well, of course, as travel.

Featured in Celebrated Living magazine

Eric Newill refers to Nota Bene and its founder Anthony Lassman in Celebrated Living, the in-flight magazine for American Airlines first class cabin with reference to a shortlist of top penthouse suites in Paris, London and Cape Town.

Lufthansa Exclusive magazine interview

Ulf Lipoitz interviews Anthony Lassman for the Spring 2018 issue of Lufthansa Exclusive magazine offered to Business and First class passengers of the airline.

Strong and Stable

Nota Bene are mentioned in the Sunday Times European Property Special …

Nota Bene Global: Real estate as well as travel

Anthony Lassman is well-acquainted with the desires of the ultra rich. Lassman and his wife, Elaine, launched Nota Bene Global — meaning “note well” or “take note” in Italian — in 2005 to offer tailor-made, travel-planning services to the ultra high net worth crowd.

Nota Bene features in Victor Magazine

As the brains behind travel and lifestyle management company Nota Bene, Anthony Lassman knows his way around the world. But no matter where he goes, there’s one country that’s forever in his thoughts.