The ultimate experience:
what does this mean?

What really constitutes a unique travel experience?
First, it is not necessarily defined by conventional luxury.

Incredible locations

The seasoned upscale traveller can as easily be on a local vessel cruising the exquisite Svalbard Islands of the Arctic, located midway between Norway and the North Pole, as on an 80-metre yacht cruising the Mediterranean.

An archipelago of 63,000 square kilometres enveloped in a glacial landmass…

The inaccessible

The Arctic Svalbard Islands are the most extensive and inaccessible of the Norwegian territories. An archipelago of 63,000 square kilometres enveloped in a glacial landmass, this is a land of mountains, plains and frozen seas. Cross the terrain by snowmobile in winter, or by motor launch in summer, and explore the archipelago and its expansive wilderness by sailing boat.

witness night turn to day as you soar over thousands of icebergs…

In contrast...

Africa offers many unique experiences. Botswana is one of our favourite countries for the quality and exclusivity of its lodges, extraordinary wildlife and beautiful topography. Travelling by light aircraft there are numerous options to see contrasting regions while sampling world-class safari lodges. Gliding through the silent waters of the reed-banked Okavango Delta channels on a traditional mokoro canoe is another unforgettable adventure.

Far south

Reach the world’s southernmost continent by flying across the mighty southern ocean in a Gulfstream jet and then use helicopter for deeper penetration of this extraordinary region. Witness night turn to day as you soar over thousands of icebergs and pass into 24 hours of continuous sunshine.

We love deserts

Australia, North and South America, Mongolia, India and Africa’s Sahara done ‘the Nota Bene way’ make for unique travel experiences. And then there are countries such as Egypt, which links Africa with the Middle East, where the Siwa Oasis and Bedouin culture are utterly unforgettable

We are frequently asked to organise special requests or orchestrate the setting for exceptional events.

Zip-lining into a world-class lodge high up in Cambodia’s Southern Cardamom National Park, or flying in the yellow plane used in the epic film Out of Africa, are among the client experiences that Nota Bene has recently organised and curated.

An unforgettable experience depends on the details, which are so often overlooked. It relies on experts in the design and curation of the truly unique. Nota Bene Global are those experts.

Privatising one of the finest chateaux and wineries in France for a special birthday long weekend, featuring top chefs, sporting activities and world- class wines.