You do whatever you choose whenever you want…

Chartering a super yacht or renting an oceanfront villa, country estate or ultra-prime ski chalet affords the opportunity to live for a while in new and exotic surroundings. Privacy is guaranteed, a high number of personal staff attend to your every need, and you do whatever you choose whenever you want.

Time and space constitute luxury…

Time and space constitute luxury. The effortless life on board a yacht, with freedom of time, choice of  destinations and a full crew and chef at your disposal makes chartering one of the finest upscale vacation experiences. Among the latest in sleek design, for both day cruising and life onboard, cruising yachts designed for Rosetti are among our favourites.

The Mediterranean is a yachting paradise from late May through September

Whether in pursuit of the jetset life, cruising to iconic locations like Saint Tropez, Monaco, Portofino, Porto Ercole, Capri and Porto Cervo, or taking an off-the-beaten-track charter such as from Palermo to the Egadi islands and on to Pantelleria, the Mediterranean is a yachting paradise from late May through September.

And for those drawn to the magic of Greece the greener Ionian islands of Paxos, Antipaxos and Ithaca beckon, where the waters are generally calmer than those of the Aegean in high summer.

Bare rocky outcrops set against an incomparably blue ocean

From late May through early July, before the Meltemi winds gather speed, we love the central Aegean. Bare rocky outcrops set against an incomparably blue ocean and white flat-roofed houses dotted on hillsides epitomise the Cycladic islands, of which Mykonos, with its fashionable restaurants, fancy beach-clubs and trendy boutiques, is the ‘capital’ – and magical offshore Delos an unmissable detour. For a more low-key authentic Cycladic experience Milos, Sifnos, Antiparos and Folegandros each have their own charm, character and culinary diversity.

Come winter and our attention turns to the Caribbean and the beautiful British Virgin Islands, the white-sand beaches of Anguilla, the glamour of St Barths and the laid-back charm of the Grenadines.

Yet yachting does not have to be restricted to the traditional Mediterranean and Caribbean playgrounds. For the inquisitive traveller, constantly seeking new experiences, new challenges, a combination of luxury and adventure, it could be Antarctica or French Polynesia, Panama’s San Blas archipelago, or the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Renting a world-class villa requires expert knowledge and discernment…

Renting a world-class villa requires expert knowledge and advice from those with discernment and access to the finest inventory. It also relies on taste and context. We rarely trust brochure images, preferring to take our own. And before we make any recommendations, we go ourselves to inspect and ensure the expectations of our illustrious clientele are met.

We look for that unique aspect, a magnificent view…

It is always first and foremost about location, followed by architectural style and layout. Space, natural light and orientation are high on the list of priorities as are quality of fittings, type of amenities and level of staffing. We look for those special features, that unique aspect, a magnificent view.

And for skiers and lovers of winter sports it has to be the very finest chalets in the top mountain hotspots of Europe and North America where we demand similar criteria together with good accessibility to the slopes.

Our favourites are on certain Greek islands, on Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, Lake Como, Ibiza or in Saint Tropez, while further afield it’s St Barths and Mustique in the Caribbean with one or two absolute standout gems in Kenya, Chile and Costa Rica.